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  • You Will Find a Community

    You will find a community

    By: Joe Hannan

    Like our ancient ancestors, the Jiu Jitsu player has a community behind them, united by a common fear, a common struggle. Psychology supports this notion that a sense of community is the cure to many of the mental disorders we encounter in our lives. As mentioned earlier in this […]

  • Women as Instructors

    Women as Instructors 
    By: Val Worthington

    In recent years, I have started to think about what I call Women’s Jiu-Jitsu 2.0. The 1.0 version was just getting women on the mat. Just getting them to believe they deserved to take up space and learn and avail themselves of all that jiu-jitsu has to offer. The community still […]

  • Grapplers Are People Too

    Grapplers Are People Too

    Grapplers are people too. In the past, I have thought and said this many times, with the emphasis on the last word. For a long time, I felt the need to defend this passion of mine to people who found it violent or distasteful or otherwise something they did not want themselves […]

  • Always the Beginner

    Always the beginner.
    I was months away from becoming a married man when I first put on a gi and fumbled to tie the belt in the summer of 2015. It was two sizes too big and fit me like a garbage bag. To make matters worse, I was wearing running shorts that made me look […]

  • Luke Kiesielewski

    Though he towers over most of us at 6’2″, you will never find Luke Kisielewski without a gentle smile and a warm hello. He’s been an endearing and humble fixture on our mats for the better part of 2 years, but up until recently, he would have described himself as painfully shy and quiet. In […]