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Self Defense & Competition BJJ

Princeton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides expert instruction in the Princeton, New Jersey area in both gi and no gi grappling. Taught by two renowned instructors, Arthur Keintz and Emily Kwok, students can expect classes that will include a dynamic warm up, technique and live sparring. This program will expose the student to both the self defense and competitive aspects of the sport.

Adult Classes

Our Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class is a comprehensive program designed to accommodate absolute beginners through advanced practitioners. When you enroll at Princeton BJJ, you will first gain confidence while learning a solid foundation of self defense, followed by more sport-based jiu jitsu. Drilling and live training are also an important part of our curriculum. To begin our gi and no gi classes, expect to be taken through a dynamic warm up, take down, and ground techniques in every session. Princeton BJJ’s fun-yet-focused atmosphere is suitable for recreational and competitive players alike.

Youth BJJ

Our Tiny Titans and Jr. Champs programs will teach your child valuable skills and coping mechanisms, both on and off the mat. Through both singular and partner work, your child will learn self awareness, respect and trust, perseverance, and develop a healthy competitive mindset. Technique, drills, live training, and game play are a part of each class, and — most importantly — our time together will be FUN!

Hybrid Kickboxing

An exciting foray into the most effective striking martial arts. Styles included in the curriculum are traditional Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Western Boxing, American Kickboxing as well as several other traditional martial arts. Students can expect a proper warm up, technical instruction, partner drilling, and controlled live application.

Our Team

Meet the instructors at Princeton BJJ

Founded by renowned instructors Emily Kwok and Arthur Keintz, we provide sound, dynamic instruction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioners in the Princeton, New Jersey area.

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  • All classes are cancelled today.
  • The kids class showing how it's done.
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So proud of our crew @princetonbjj!! Three of our guys fought locally this weekend while Cindy was in Miami! Not only are we coming home with some 🥇 🥈 🥈...but the work ethic and camaraderie of our team is next level! As a coach you can’t want to win more than your students and @jhannan86 @collin_rudolph @fink.cynthia and Mike have all put hard hours in on and off the mat to get their competition game up. Props to Cindy who fought in a masters 2 division when she’s truly a masters 5...I better hear no complaints from anyone! There comes a time when you recognize that you and your students are all growing in different ways and the only way to be better together is to be more. Big thanks to @wakaflakashane for stepping up to coach and support these warriors. Your presence and dedication has been invaluable in getting us here. Thanks to our cheering guys are awesome. I cannot express how happy it makes me to see all the good s*** we are doing together!!! 🔥 💪 🙌 #princetonbjj #pbjj #marcelogarciaassociation #teamwork #bjj #bjjcompetition #bjjmotivation #noexcuses
  • Friday afternoon with Marcelo Garcia.
  • Last night's seminar with @fabiogurgel sharing his technique and history of the art. Thank you for an amazing time.
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It’s not often we are given the opportunity to learn from true masters in any discipline. Tonight @princetonbjj was honored to host @fabiogurgel to a sold out crowd. Over 36 years of knowledge was bestowed upon us not only in technique, but in theory and history. It was truly a great night for all who were able to attend. Being in his presence you truly feel the depth and wealth of his experience and only wish that one day you’ll be able to know as much about something you love. #pbjj #princetonbjj #alliancebjj #marcelogarciaassociation #bjjforlife  #martialartslife #bjjforeveryone #bjjseminar #fabiogurgel
  • Keeping the mats warm in No Gi with @emgeedeee at the lead.
  • @ryanhealybjj getting his Brown Belt tonight. 
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  • Some shots of the night.
  • Congrats to all that received a new belt. It's a team effort, so thank you to all our students and instructors for making this team what it is.
  • Promotions will take the place of Intermediate Gi class. Junior Champs from 5-6 PM and Fundamental Gi from 6-7 PM are on as regularly scheduled. Hybrid Kickboxing from 8-9 PM is cancelled. #pbjj #princetonbjj #princetonbrazilianjiujitsu #marcelogarciaassociation #marcelogarciaprinceton #brazilianjiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #oss #princetonnj #princeton #princetonjunction #mercercounty #somerset #hybridkickboxing #hydridkickboxingpbjj
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3rd degree black belt Art Keintz from @princetonbjj taught both the kids and adult classes at Connected tonight. Professor Art taught the different 2 on 1 grips and led students through grip fighting drills before showing a standing guard pass. -
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