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Self Defense & Competition BJJ

Princeton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides expert instruction in the Princeton, New Jersey area in both gi and no gi grappling. Taught by two renowned instructors, Arthur Keintz and Emily Kwok, students can expect classes that will include a dynamic warm up, technique and live sparring. This program will expose the student to both the self defense and competitive aspects of the sport.

Adult Classes

Our Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class is a comprehensive program designed to accommodate absolute beginners through advanced practitioners. When you enroll at Princeton BJJ, you will first gain confidence while learning a solid foundation of self defense, followed by more sport-based jiu jitsu. Drilling and live training are also an important part of our curriculum. To begin our gi and no gi classes, expect to be taken through a dynamic warm up, take down, and ground techniques in every session. Princeton BJJ’s fun-yet-focused atmosphere is suitable for recreational and competitive players alike.

Youth BJJ

Our Tiny Titans and Jr. Champs programs will teach your child valuable skills and coping mechanisms, both on and off the mat. Through both singular and partner work, your child will learn self awareness, respect and trust, perseverance, and develop a healthy competitive mindset. Technique, drills, live training, and game play are a part of each class, and — most importantly — our time together will be FUN!

Hybrid Kickboxing

An exciting foray into the most effective striking martial arts. Styles included in the curriculum are traditional Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Western Boxing, American Kickboxing as well as several other traditional martial arts. Students can expect a proper warm up, technical instruction, partner drilling, and controlled live application.

Our Team

Meet the instructors at Princeton BJJ

Founded by renowned instructors Emily Kwok and Arthur Keintz, we provide sound, dynamic instruction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioners in the Princeton, New Jersey area.

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  • Great night on our mats.
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Come join me at Fenix BJJ in Woburn, MA on Saturday, Sept. 22nd from 10:00am-12:00pm! Haven’t been up that way in a few years so I’m really looking forward to this! Contact @cdhennigan for details.
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Overcoming mental setbacks is the theme of this deeply personal post, hope it’s an enjoyable read:
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Our long time friend will be on the mats for 11 hours for a great cause. He still has open slots available if you wish to participate on the mats・・・
Marcelo Garcia Black Belt, Professor Chris Civello, will be on the mat for 11 hours straight, trying to raise 11k, for @ehrdogs @ehrdogs.rockaway September 8th, 2018, 7am to 6pm. Tune in to our Facebook page, Sakura BJJ Dover, where we will broadcast live. We will be taking donations the day of on Facebook live. Let’s make a difference!  #sakurabjj #11thhourrescue #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #morriscounty #rockawaynj #dovernj #denvillenj #parsipannynj
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‘I didn’t come back to compete, I came back to win.’ - Serena Williams / When I stopped competing in 2012 I was burnt out and had no love for the fight anymore. Having been away from competition from 6 years to build a family, a successful academy and focus on a rewarding career outside of BJJ, I wasn’t sure what to expect jumping back in. I decided that I would throw every resource and tool I had towards preparing myself for this tournament because I knew one thing for sure, that beyond winning, I just wanted to fight well. I wanted to feel like I could trust my game, play it freely and have an answer for everything. To embark on this journey I had collected a team of excellent coaches, training partners and therapists. They all did their part in supporting my work over the last 3 months. @marcelogarciajiujitsu @marcostinocobjj @the__deep__patguard, thank you for selflessly sharing your technique and faith in me. @fusefpnj for the strength and conditioning that made me feel like a beast!! @jgdenise for being the best healer and ‘fixer’ in the world, Dan Zeibel at Pinnacle Therapy for physical therapy and oversight, @artkeintz @princetonbjj for the best students and team one could ever imagine building, Gabe Matt for your generous instruction in wrestling, @brandonpowell396 @kimpowell0806 for giving me the mental prep through breath and ice, @bearsyr @shoyoroll and the crew for believing in my abilities, Josh Waitzkin for being the most unbelievable mentor, peak performance coach and friend, and most of all @gerryhurtadojj for taking care of our children, cooking and cleaning for me so I could prioritize my training. I couldn’t have done what I did without this entire village of people helping me everyday. Thank you to all my friends and training partners, pushing me to be better. I came prepared to fight, there was no half assing this attempt. I’m so incredibly grateful for what this life has become, I’m elated that I came back and slayed some old demons. #pbjj #princetonbjj #mga #shoyoroll #marcelogarciaacademy #princetonbjj #marcelogarciaassociation #oss #brazilianjiujitsu
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We would like to show our support for our great friend and Spartacus Gym Athletic Hall of Fame member Emily Kwok as she puts it on the line at the Master's World Championships in Las Vegas. Emily was a staple at Spartacus Gym from 2000 to 2006 -- before relocating to Princeton, New Jersey and winning two world championships between 2007 and 2010. She is the first Canadian to win the world championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and became the first Canadian female BJJ black belt in 2008. Represent Emily! #spartacus #emilykwok #spartacusgym #vancouver #vancity #eastvancouver #eastvan #commercialdrive #bjj
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Check out our all-new website! 🌟 Link in bio ⤴️ ✔️Online trial class & membership registration ✔️Instructor bios ✔️Improved class calendar ✔️PLUS coming soon: A members-only content area! -
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  • Monday August 27th - Wednesday August 29th  11 AM - 12 PM Open Mat  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Open Mat
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Part of what makes teams great are the quality of people within them. Looking back at my 8 years with MGA, I’ve been able to train alongside and observe some of the most diligent and hardworking athletes our sport has to offer. I remember the day @jtsatava walked into the old school on 36th street. At the time he was a blue belt with a lot of fire. Years later he’s become a world class black belt. It’s a real joy to watch the young talent around you grow, and an honor and privilege to host them as a friend on your own mats. Thank you both @halieatucker for being wonderful training partners to me and my students today!! #pbjj #princetonbjj #mga #marcelogarciaassociation #brazilianjiujitsu #princetonbrazilianjiujitsu #princeton #oss