butterfly-sweep-bjjSign up For Free BJJ and Kickboxing trials at princeton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Curious about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing? We offer two free, zero-obligation trial classes for our adult and kids BJJ and kickboxing program. Schedule a trial and see if either is a good fit for you before making a long-term commitment to training.

How our free Trials work

  1. Click the link below for the program you want to try.
  2. Complete the digital forms.
  3. Schedule a date and time for your first trial class.
  4. Schedule your second trial class with our customer service associate at the end of your first class.

You can bring your own gi for any gi BJJ trial classes, or you can rent one from us for $20 for the duration of your trial. If you choose to purchase a membership, we will deduct $20 from your first month’s tuition.

If you have any additional questions. Write us at info@princetonbjj.com or call (609) 919-0740.

Free trials for Experienced Grapplers and kickboxers

If you are a blue belt or higher, or have a year or more of kickboxing experience, please email us at info@princetonbjj.com or call (609) 919-0740 so we can place you in the appropriate class.

Schedule your free trial class below