• In it to Win it: 5 Ways to Develop your Technical Growth on the Mats

    By: Emily Kwok

    As a teacher, I generally see incredible enthusiasm and growth within the infancy of a new student’s journey in our sport. They are always empowered by what they discover their bodies can do and surprised at how effective certain lessons can be. Most of us are not conditioned to use our bodies to […]

  • Progress and Purpose: Why do we Train?

    By: Emily Kwok

    If you asked me (almost) decades ago what I enjoyed about training BJJ and why I was doing it, I would have told you it was because it was different from anything I’d ever done and I liked the workout I got from it. Today, my reasons are largely the same, though I […]

  • How Leaders Should Lead

    By: Emily Kwok

    ‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power’ – Abraham Lincoln
    Reflecting on the 18 going on 19 years I’ve been involved with BJJ, it’s a surreal moment to confront myself with the fact that I’ve been training a long time; like long enough […]

  • 5 Principles for Growth in BJJ

    By: Emily Kwok

    Before we breakdown some of the growth principles that have been helpful in my BJJ, let’s just clear the air here and demystify what the word ‘principle’ means in this context. All too often people will nod their heads when you mention, ‘Do you understand this principle?’ when they really have no flipping […]

  • Are You a BJJ Control Freak or a Fatalist?

    By: Joe Hannan

    At its core, jiu jitsu is about imposing your will on another human. Your goal is to gain an advantageous position and put them in some type of submission hold. This can have some interesting psychological implications.

    A work project has me thinking a lot about the psychological concept of locus of control. Generally […]

  • Lessons from Matheus Diniz

    By: Joe Hannan


    When Matheus Diniz walks into a room, you start thinking he was assembled by an elite team of scientists in some grappling cyborg laboratory. The man was built to lock limbs, compress arteries and apply leverage.

    Then Diniz smiles, and what you once thought was a cybernetic organism becomes a playful, gentle world-destroyer […]

  • Hybrid Kickboxing’s Rite of Passage


    By: Joe Hannan

    The people who train at Princeton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are my violent family. I think fondly of them as they hyperextend my limbs, suffocate me in sweat-soaked fabric and bring me to the brink of unconsciousness from restricted blood flow. All families fight, we’re just much more up front about it.
    I assure you […]

  • Faces of Princeton Brazilian Jiu JItsu Part I

    Faces of Princeton Brazilian Jiu JItsu Part I

    In June, Josh Smith (PBJJ purple belt) took photos of some students before both a kids class and an adult class. We then asked the participants to answer a series of questions about their experience with BJJ. Over the course of a few blog posts we will be […]

  • Surfing for BJJ’s ‘Soft Zone’

    By: Joe Hannan

    Jiu Jitsu attracts an inordinate amount of surfers and surf culture, right down to grappling in board shorts and rash guards. Anyone who has done both is likely quick to identify the parallels. I stumbled across this one while talking to one of Princeton BJJ’s founders and master instructors, Art Keintz.

    Prior to class, […]