• The Sound of Sweeping

    The Sound of Sweeping
    By: Val Worthington

    Teaching jiu-jitsu is a complex task, and the necessary skills extend beyond the actual exchange of information and assessment of performance, each of which is complex in and of itself. There are interpersonal interactions, which involve making people feel comfortable and welcome. There is logistics, which includes planning a good […]

  • Dedicated, not Obsessed

    Dedicated, not obsessed.
    By: Joe Hannan

    I see Jiu Jitsu everywhere I go, especially in the movements and play of animals. I think about Jiu Jitsu all day, a constant narrative of if he does this, then I do that, running through my head. Sometimes, I mix it up, and the narrative gets switched to, if I […]

  • Forget Winning and Losing

    Forget Winning and Losing
    By: Joe Hannan

    I’m told there’s at least one in every gym. This person goes by many names, most of which aren’t suitable for prime time. If you’ve ever rolled with this person, you know what you’re in for the second you engage. Their rigid posture, desperate struggle for grips and tendency to […]

  • You Will Find a Community

    You will find a community

    By: Joe Hannan

    Like our ancient ancestors, the Jiu Jitsu player has a community behind them, united by a common fear, a common struggle. Psychology supports this notion that a sense of community is the cure to many of the mental disorders we encounter in our lives. As mentioned earlier in this […]

  • Remembering David Jacobs

    “Words fail, and the mind reels.” That’s what my mother said the last time my family lost a member. That sentence says it all, and it says not nearly enough. That’s what I’m thinking and feeling now, about David Jacobs.

    The world lost David Jacobs last week. He was a professor, friend, colleague, brother, confidante, attorney, […]

  • The Best of Us – For Casey Van Brookhoven

    The Best of Us – For Casey Van Brookhoven

    ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’ – A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

    The shocking and untimely passing of a friend over the holidays has caused me to reflect very deeply on what presence this individual had in my life. It […]

  • Countering BJJ Frustration with Stoicism

    Countering BJJ Frustration with Stoicism.
    Bye: Joe Hannan

    I let my sweaty head fall with a thud against the ocean blue mats that lined the walls of Performance Jiu Jitsu. I don’t remember the roll, but I’m sure it had been savage and swift, with multiple tapouts and lots of flailing around. I might have even let […]

  • The Art of Learning the Cross Collar Choke

    The Art of Learning the Cross Collar Choke
    One of the most significant things I’ve learned about BJJ was the cross collar or lapel choke from closed guard. It’s the first submission I learned and on the rare occasion that I’m working with a newly minted white belt, the only submission I teach. The choke itself […]

  • Women as Instructors

    Women as Instructors 
    By: Val Worthington

    In recent years, I have started to think about what I call Women’s Jiu-Jitsu 2.0. The 1.0 version was just getting women on the mat. Just getting them to believe they deserved to take up space and learn and avail themselves of all that jiu-jitsu has to offer. The community still […]