Maddie Armstrong

How long have you been training?

13 years

Why did you begin training?

I started off training in Muay Thai and boxing. After a few fights, I decided I wanted to develop a ground game, so I started BJJ at the same school as my brother.

What encourages you the most about your practice?

Always feeling like a student of the art. There’s no end to the learning.

What challenges you the most?

The desire to learn every move and detail in a seemingly endless sea of BJJ knowledge.

How have you evolved as a result of it?

I’ve realized that every technique doesn’t need to be a central part of my game and focusing on the techniques with which I resonate the most is a better way to build a unique and effective fighting style.

What is something that you learned about BJJ that was unexpected?

Coming from striking arts, I was surprised how such a gentle art could be so effective in combat.