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Katia Silva is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach with a master’s degree in exercise science.

Strength is a skill that is built on a solid foundation. As a strength and conditioning coach and StrongFirst kettlebell instructor, I prioritize how you move rather than how much you lift. Through one-on-one training and online programming, I work with active adults that are ready to commit to their specific needs. While remotely working with Joe Hannan to build his strength and improve the health of his body, we focused on two facts: 1. More can be done with less. 2. Strength functions in more than one direction.

Here is a simple and effective at-home, strength-focused workout. For added challenge, slow your movements down (except the swings). Each movement includes a link to a video that will show you how to safely perform it.


Two rounds, no rest:


For this segment, you’ll need dumbbells or kettlebells.

 4-5 rounds, resting 0-15 seconds between exercises.

1a) Goblet Tempo Squat (5 seconds down, 5 seconds up, x8)

1b) Dumbbell or Kettlebell Swing (x12)

Rest: 90 seconds

3-4 rounds, resting 0-30 seconds between exercises.

2a) Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (x6). To make this harder, stay on one leg for all reps or swing leg to a forward lunge.

2b) Negative Push-Ups (x10). To make this harder:

  • Option 1: Push yourself back up.
  • Option 2: Do decline push-ups by elevating your feet.
  • Option 3: Put weight (you can fill a backpack) on your back.

2c) Single-Arm Row (x8 each arm)

2d) Hollow Hold (x15-30 seconds)

  • Easier variation: Knees bent.
  • Harder variation: Hold light weights in hands.


For this segment, you’ll need furniture sliders or a pair of slippery socks.

Repeat as a circuit, 6-10 times.

Katia is available for one-on-one training and technique sessions, as well as online programming. Visit her website for details. She also leads group classes at Locomotion in Princeton. You can contact her here:

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  • Tom

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. Although it requires additional equipment I’d personally want to add pullups in there somewhere (or even better, rope climbing).

    • Emily Kwok

      Pull ups could be alternated with push-ups in the strength circuit or rope climbing subbed into the finisher! — Katia

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