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  • Glutes, Grip, and Core Strength for BJJ

    If you are questioning the strength of your glutes, grip, or the stability of your core, then you have some work to do. These three points are what define a resilient body, especially for sports like BJJ. After this training session you should know exactly where you should put more of your strength and conditioning […]

  • Ascending Strength Workout for BJJ

    For this workout, you’ll need a dumbbell or kettlebell. Movements will include the swing, clean, and lunge. This complex will increase in difficulty as the number of reps climb. The great part: There is no rush to get it done. Work at your own pace.

    After your warm-up, before you begin the complex, focus on tension […]

  • Mastering The BJJ Strength Basics

    Our body should be trained in all the ways that it moves. Today we will focus on the main four movement patterns: pushing, pulling, squatting, and hinging. If you focus on developing strength in these patterns, you will build a resilient athletic body.

    This week you will have two different workouts to challenge yourself incorporating variations […]

  • Unconventional Core Training for BJJ

    Today we are going to skip the sit-ups and crunches. You will increase your core strength by challenging your position, posture, and where weight is held. Your core definitely includes your rectus abdominis — the 6 pack so many of us desire. But, even more important core muscles are those that keep our arms and […]

  • 200 Reps to Strong

    This single weight workout will target your muscular and aerobic systems. Whether you are using a kettlebell or dumbbell, this complex will increase your heart rate and build muscle. Complete all the reps on the left before switching to the right side.

    The Workout

    Left Split Stance Row x5
    Left Racked Reverse Lunge x5
    Left Clean […]

  • Two in one: Strength and Conditioning for BJJ

    Heavy strength work and aerobic training are two ends of the fitness spectrum. If you train both, you likely won’t see great improvements in either. In order to improve your conditioning level without taking away from your strength, you want to use sprints. That could be 100 meter sprint repeats or movements with a little […]

  • Build Powerful Hips for BJJ

    It’s all in the hips. Developing strong and durable hips will not only help you generate more power but protect everything above and below, including your lower back and knees. 

    This workout targets all major muscle groups with a focus on hip strength and power. We will start with hip mobility work. Your hips need to […]

  • Three Variations on One BJJ Strength Workout

    Get good at the basics. Working the basics with a range of intensities will build your fitness and allow you to train consistently without injury. You can train the same workout several times a week by varying the load. This means not going all out every single session. In this program, some of the days […]