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  • Redefining a Good Roll

    Redefining a Good Roll
    By: Joe Hannan

    I am a spaz — an uncoordinated tangled jumble of lanky limbs that don’t listen to my brain. They have a knack for finding soft, vulnerable places on my training partners, even though my brain does all it can to prevent it. It’s pretty easy to pick me out of […]

  • Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

    Getting Comfortable with Discomfort
    By: Joe Hannan

    It’s enough to make some panic: the first time a much larger partner has you in mount, their chest driving into your face. You cock your head to the side and gasp for air like you’re doing your 12th lap in an olympic pool. You can’t maintain your cool. You […]

  • You Are How You Train

    You are how you train
    By: Emily Kwok

    It’s very common for even the best of us to get locked up when it comes to personal expression. This is true of life in general, but the mats give us the rare opportunity to see where we are literally challenged and liberated.

    At the beginning of our BJJ career, […]

  • You Will Alienate Some

    You will alienate some.

    By: Joe Hannan

    Your dedication might alienate those closest to you. Some people will never appreciate Jiu Jitsu. They’re probably not reading this post. But should someone close to you need convincing that your newfound practice is worthwhile, this entry is a good place to start.

    Family, friends and significant others, for the most part, […]

  • The Sound of Sweeping

    The Sound of Sweeping
    By: Val Worthington

    Teaching jiu-jitsu is a complex task, and the necessary skills extend beyond the actual exchange of information and assessment of performance, each of which is complex in and of itself. There are interpersonal interactions, which involve making people feel comfortable and welcome. There is logistics, which includes planning a good […]

  • Dedicated, not Obsessed

    Dedicated, not obsessed.
    By: Joe Hannan

    I see Jiu Jitsu everywhere I go, especially in the movements and play of animals. I think about Jiu Jitsu all day, a constant narrative of if he does this, then I do that, running through my head. Sometimes, I mix it up, and the narrative gets switched to, if I […]

  • Forget Winning and Losing

    Forget Winning and Losing
    By: Joe Hannan

    I’m told there’s at least one in every gym. This person goes by many names, most of which aren’t suitable for prime time. If you’ve ever rolled with this person, you know what you’re in for the second you engage. Their rigid posture, desperate struggle for grips and tendency to […]

  • Remembering David Jacobs

    “Words fail, and the mind reels.” That’s what my mother said the last time my family lost a member. That sentence says it all, and it says not nearly enough. That’s what I’m thinking and feeling now, about David Jacobs.

    The world lost David Jacobs last week. He was a professor, friend, colleague, brother, confidante, attorney, […]