Three Variations on One BJJ Strength Workout


Katia Silva is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach with a master’s degree in exercise science.

Get good at the basics. Working the basics with a range of intensities will build your fitness and allow you to train consistently without injury. You can train the same workout several times a week by varying the load. This means not going all out every single session. In this program, some of the days feature lighter effort with a higher volume and emphasis on movement quality. Other days feature a higher effort with a focus on power output with fewer reps.

During COVID-19, we are limited to the exercise equipment we own. If you don’t have multiple weights, try to switch the variation of the exercise, or slow the tempo (pace of the movement). You can also decrease your rest period to increase the intensity of the workout. It should still all be done with a purpose. 

The purpose of this week’s workout is to continue building a functional strength foundation. You will be practicing transitions through movements, creating tension, and generating power.

Don’t skip your warm-up! Here are the workouts for the week:

Day 1: Medium

Part A: 3-5 Rounds

Part B: Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

Day 2: Hard/Heavy 

Part A: 3-4 Rounds

  • 1 Left/1 Right TGU with 5-second Pause or Press

(pause/press at the elbow, hand, knee, ½ kneeling, & standing)

  • 5 Goblet Squats with 5 seconds down, 5 seconds up
  • 10 Weighted Push-Ups

(or the variation that is the most challenging yet doable)

Part B: EMOM for 10 Minutes

  • 15 2-Handed Swings or 10+10 Single-Arm Swings

Day 3: Light/Easy 4-5 Rounds

  • 1 Left/1 Right TGU with Tissue Box
  • 5 Goblet Squats
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15s Hollow Hold

Part B: Every 75 seconds on the 75 seconds

  • 10 2-Hand Swings

If you haven’t learned how to do the Turkish Get-Up, go step by step with me. Stick with bodyweight for all workouts if you are new to the movement. 

Katia can provide you with a personalized strength program through the online platform TrueCoach. She is also available for virtual one-on-one sessions and group classes. Email her at:

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