200 Reps to Strong


Katia Silva is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach with a master’s degree in exercise science.

This single weight workout will target your muscular and aerobic systems. Whether you are using a kettlebell or dumbbell, this complex will increase your heart rate and build muscle. Complete all the reps on the left before switching to the right side.

The Workout

*If you have any doubts about your hand-to-hand swings then stick with 5 single-arm swings each side. If you watched the demo video you’ll know why!

Repeat on Right Side

Rest 90s

Repeat 3 more times

A few weeks ago I mentioned that you can complete the same workout several times weekly. The same goes for this gem here. You can repeat this workout by varying the intensity, which means changing the weight you use and/or the reps. If you have a lighter weight, try 8-10 reps for 2-3 rounds. If you have a heavy bell, try 3 reps of everything for 5-6 rounds.

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