Unconventional Core Training for BJJ


Katia Silva is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach with a master’s degree in exercise science.

Today we are going to skip the sit-ups and crunches. You will increase your core strength by challenging your position, posture, and where weight is held. Your core definitely includes your rectus abdominis — the 6 pack so many of us desire. But, even more important core muscles are those that keep our arms and legs attached to our trunk, such as our hip flexors, glutes, and latissimus dorsi.  

This total body training session focuses on your ability to maintain a neutral spine. Consider recording 1-2 sets of yourself to check your posture and form.    

If you have varying weights at home, complete the workout as listed. If you’re limited on equipment. you can complete this as a circuit with a higher repetition range to keep your heart rate up. 

1a) Goblet Pause Squat 4×5 with 6s pause 

1b) Single Arm Plank 4×10-15s each

2a) Goblet Good Morning 3×8-10

2b) Tall Seated Overhead Press 3×8-10 each

3a) Single Leg Row 3×8-10

3b) Bear Hold Pull Through 3×5 each way

Check out the training session here

Katia is available for virtual personal training and technique review sessions. Visit her website www.unboundfit.com or email her at silva.unbound@gmail.com.  

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