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  • Build Stronger Wrists, Forearms for BJJ

    In BJJ, it’s important to be active with your grips. Your hands should always be busy, and if they aren’t, you’re not taking full advantage of your tools. When cross training, there are four main exercises I do to improve my grip, forearm, and wrist strength. 
    Gi pull-ups

    If you have a pull-up bar, throw your gi […]

  • The No-Excuse, 20-Minute BJJ Workout

    Feel like there isn’t enough time in your day to get stronger? You can still increase your strength and your aerobic base with a short, effective workout. Time-based workouts like Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) training will give you structure and keep you engaged. You will challenge your aerobic fitness while improving your overall […]

  • Training with a Bulgarian Bag for BJJ

    Since becoming a blue belt, I have supplemented my Jiu Jitsu by working out at a CrossFit gym. I usually don’t do the workout of the day, but run through routines that will complement my needs for Jiu Jitsu. I have been working on grip strength, improving reaction time, and injury prevention, along with strength […]

  • The One Weight Turkish Get-Up Workout for BJJ

    We are adding to the Turkish Get-Up for this week’s workout. If you’re not sure what the Turkish Get-Up is, check it out before you start. Practice with just your bodyweight before trying this workout. 

    Always complete a warm up before getting started. Use the warm up from this workout. To wake up your shoulder stabilizers, […]

  • Killer Bodyweight Workout for BJJ

    Yup, even you strong BJJ folks could use some bodyweight training. It’s the perfect time to get familiar with bodyweight exercises that we can turn to whenever we aren’t in a fully equipped gym. This workout brings in base skills required for the one arm push-up and a pistol squat. Use this time away from […]

  • The Best Strength Drill for BJJ

    The Turkish Get-Up is a total-body exercise that creates a link of strength from your shoulders to your hips. When done properly, you will roll, kneel, stand, and reach in one smooth drill. It is one of the best exercises to promote stability and mobility while increasing general strength. 
    Bodyweight Turkish Get-Ups

    Nail the body weight get-up […]

  • Total Body BJJ Workout

    Strength is a skill that is built on a solid foundation. As a strength and conditioning coach and StrongFirst kettlebell instructor, I prioritize how you move rather than how much you lift. Through one-on-one training and online programming, I work with active adults that are ready to commit to their specific needs. While remotely working […]